Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Romania Part Two: Transylvania

I've been so busy with all the ShyBoy updates that I totally neglected sharing the rest of my Romania pictures. Before you ask, I have no major ShyBoy updates at the moment either. The movie I was hoping for before I leave for New York isn't going to happen, so hopefully after I get back!

I'm leaving for New York tomorrow evening on a bus trip for 4 days (coming home sunday). I love New York, its such an amazing city with so much to see and do!

Anyway, without further ado, here is part 2 of my trip to Romania. We spent about 3 days in Transylvania seeing all the sites and learning about Romania's awsome history. I still have pictures of Peles Casle to post, but I took soooo many pictures from there becasue it was so beautiful that it deserves its own post.

At the top of the Cable Car in Brasov, 950 m tall

View of the Carpathian Mountains from the Cable Car

View of Brasov from the Cable Car

Brasov town square

Bran Castle (fictional home of Dracula)

Grounds of Bran Castle

Bran Castle

Brasov, Transylvania


  1. OMG I haven't been to Bran in 4 years. I feel sooo old.

  2. Ah! Dracula's home! Love that.

  3. Wow! its gorgeous! Great pictures!

    Have fun in new york!

  4. Nice pictures Ella. I can't help but think of Dracula, though. Hehe.

    Have fun in NYC! :)

  5. Have a safe time in New Yawk! Remember if the purses on sale have a little blood splatter Tide to Go is good at getting that out! :P j/k

    Take pics of Yankee Stadiun if you are by it!

  6. Beautiful photos. I remember one season of the Amazing Race where they visited Transylvania, and I thought it looked so cool. Seeing Dracula's fictional castle would be really neat!

    It seems like ShyBoy is taking the movie-watching to official date status, with him paying confidently and automatically suggesting more movies afterwards!

    Have a fabulous time in NYC!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! Glad you posted them!!!

    Enjoy NYC :)

  8. i reallllly want to go to romania!!! all these places are in The Historian (wow, how many times can i pimp that book to you???? :p) and i have been in love with the country ever since

    have a great time in NYC. i am jealous, as always

  9. Hi Ella, I just posted your Summer Series on my blog today! Thanks again for participating, I love your photos!

  10. I'm sooo envious about this NY trip! And you can get there by bus, wow! : ) Anyway, the pics from Romania are amazing! I especially like the castles and the main square, it's so picturesque!: )

  11. Lovely pics girls! and have a great time in NY!